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Erotic Stories

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They’ll spice up their marriage with a hot and sticky dessert

When Bette and I married, in a picture perfect Church of England wedding in her family parish in Surrey, we took the traditional vows that lots of people take; love, cherish, forsaking all others and so forth. And we both meant it. Still do, in fact. …

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She thought she’d have an hour to herself, but her husband arrived home earlier than expected…

The afternoon was dragging like a zombie’s decaying leg, and I was bored out of my mind. My husband, Mark, had been working continuously throughout all the interminable lockdowns, lugging cargo onto delivery vans for an international courier company; meanwhile I was stuck at home by myself, furloughed, and increasingly lost for something — anything — to pass the time. There was only so much Netflix I could watch in a day before my eyes would get bleary and I’d wind up fast asleep on the couch. It didn’t feel like a very productive way to spend the day, and…


Your face is a throne fit for a Queen

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From the look that’s on your face

I can tell which way you’re leaning.

That you’re hungry for my ass,

and you’re longing for a queening.

You’re staring at my bottom

like it is a three-course dinner,

and you know I love to ride your face,

so your eyes are all a-glimmer

just knowing that I’m going to

descend upon your mouth.

Your nose will slip inside the crack

as my ass is heading south.

And then as I engulf you,

warm darkness will embrace

your mouth, your lips, your tongue, your nose,

your whole entire face.

The earthy scent…


Will we ever touch again?

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A good meal and a bottle of wine,

Sharing the same air, and feeling your gaze.

The brush of your stubble against my cheek,

Sharp and familiar.

The sensation of your gentle fingers,

Your soft, warm breath on the back of my neck.

The embracing, enfolding me in your arms

Broad and strong.

The leisurely moments spent together,

Naked, sweaty, and sated, in a sleepy bliss.

With laughter and smiles, murmurs and whispers

Kisses and caresses.

A hidden enemy, and a silent threat

An unseen danger that keeps us apart.

We do what we can to maintain…


Making peace with my periods after years of agony

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If you have ever experienced severe period pain, then you know first-hand how debilitating it can be.

For some lucky few, the monthly bleed comes and goes with relative ease, and cramps might come once in a blue moon, if at all. For others, every month brings a jackhammer-like thudding in the pubic region, heavy bleeding, back and leg pain, nausea, and diarrhea.

I spent around three decades struggling with these horrendous kinds of menstrual cramps, and it was miserable.

I came to dread each month, counting down the days until “the curse” would return to blight my entire existence…

There seems to be no rest for a mind that is fraught

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Kept awake for long hours by idle thought.
There seems to be no rest for a mind that is fraught.

Sleep comes and goes, and never lasts for long,
and yet, to my knowledge, nothing is wrong.

That doesn’t stop my brain, though, from thinking the worst,
reliving past failures, and believing I’m cursed.

Countless 2 am musings, reliving events,
my neurons are firing, my whole body tense.

Replaying today, yesterday, or years ago
as I replay past errors, my anxieties flow.

“What was I thinking?”, “What did I say?”
“What must they think of me?”, …

Jupiter Grant

Erotica writer, Audiobook Narrator / Producer, Poet, Freelancer, Blogger. Physically residing in UK but spending most of my time living inside my own head.

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