I don’t know exactly where I’m going or what I’ll find when I get there

Photo by Bna Ignacio on Unsplash

I sit at the terminal waiting for
a flight that will carry me onward to
pastures unknown and an uncertain future,
with strange new adventures, unfamiliar views.

The knot in the pit of my belly is tight,
my fear of the journey ahead is intense,
for change can be fright’ning, as everyone…


Reflecting on the current moment through an early-morning etheree poem series…

Photo by Nate Neelson on Unsplash

in quicksand,
gasping for air —
quite literally!
The quagmire of travail
drags me down and smothers me.
Working hard but to no avail,
I feel as though I am drowning deep,
Trapped in a bog from which there’s no release.

And yet there are actually good things…


A quick limerick and a longer spiel by way of explanation

Photo by Eean Chen on Unsplash

A writer/ narrator called Grant
would love to be writing, but can’t.
She is plying her trade
getting audios made,
thus her time on this platform’s been scant!

(She’s looking forward to coming back, though!)

Hello, everyone. I just wanted to explain my recent absence from Medium, and to thank…


An unstoppable natural force

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

Tears of salty shame,

the signs of pain emerging

from leaking tear ducts.

Little floodgates opening

as the levee starts breaking

With thanks to Sahil Patel for creating this poetry prompt challenge:

Day 19’s prompt is to “write a poem about an incident that forced you to cry no matter…


Your labels will not stick to me

Photo by Sarah Norris on Unsplash

Your definitions,
the labels you put on me,
are your truths not mine
for I’m my own to define,
and I don’t need your labels.

Who I am is me.
Give me the freedom to exist,
not words to oppress,
and simply let me be me,
undefined and amorphous.



Poetry and a link, perchance to make you think

Photo by author. Taken 2021

A time of challenge
remembrance of dark moments
and what got me through

Lost in tangled wool
no time to think of sadness
try to refocus

Comfort is at hand
at the end of crochet hooks
look what you achieved

I went through some dark times over the past few…

Jupiter Grant

Writer, Poet, Narrator, Freelancer. Living in UK & my own head. Send queries here: jupiterslair@gmail.com. Buy me a coffee here: https://ko-fi.com/jupitergrant

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