Who do I think I am?

Hi! I’m Jupiter Grant (she/her).

As you may have guessed, Jupiter Grant is my nom de plume; writing anonymously enables me to be more honest and less inhibited in my work. I’m a purveyor of erotica, fiction, poetry, pop culture, and whatever else takes my fancy on any given day. I also narrate and produce Audible Audiobooks via ACX, and have numerous productions (of my own books as well as those by other authors) on sale at Amazon.

I have always been a writer, and was creating stories and articles from an early age. At the age of 12, I…

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Fiction (General)


A Close Encounter with Accuracy

I scoured the web but I just could not see
a movie I knew of that featured a “3”.
Of course there were options. Many such have been made
but I’ve seen scant few of those mentioned, I’m afraid.

But then as I pondered, a thought filled my mind,
“What of Close Encounters of the Third Kind?
I know that it’s stretching the rules of the challenge,
but to find a contender I just cannot manage.”

Jeff Ehren, forgive me for flouting the regs.
After my last submissions*, t’was left only with dregs,
at least insofar as the films I‘ve observed,
thus here…


Prompt Day 20: Doing what makes the heart sing

My heart sings a chorus when finally I

do things I love in self-compassion,

giving both my heart and Self

the care I all-too-often ration.

When it comes to self-care and showing myself compassion and love, I fail miserably. I have always been that way, although at least nowadays I am more aware of it. Of course, knowing it and doing something about it are two different things, and I struggle every day to show myself kindness and compassion.

I’m constantly focussed on earning and, as such, I have an unfortunate tendency to view any time in which I am…


Prompt Day 19: Love is multifaceted

Love takes many forms and it has so many faces.
Layered like lasagne, or a black forest gateau.
It can be hot and wild or can be restful and sedate.
A choral harmony blended in bass, tenor, alto, soprano.

Love is like a diamond glinting underneath a light.
Depending on the angle that it hits, refraction alters
to make each moment something new, experience unique.
Though relationships may bend or break, love’s power never falters.

Throughout the month of June, I‘m taking the Know Thyself, Heal Thyself 30 Day Poetry Challenge, with thanks to Diana C.


The memory frozen in time plays again and again

November chill, stood

in silence on the platform

waiting for the train

that would carry her away.

The last time I‘d see her face.

With thanks to Sahil Patel for the tag to join in this daily poetry prompt challenge:

Day 9’s prompt is “if you could freeze time in one moment of your life, what would it be. Write a poem in honor of that memory”:

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Prompt Day 18: Wisdom is loving the whole

More than a fragment,
I’m the sum of all my parts.
No subdivision,
no separated segment,
can do justice to the whole.

My totality
cannot be comprehended
in piecemeal fractions.
A jigsaw puzzle half-done
shows an imperfect picture.

The sum of my parts
is the consummate version;
me in my wholeness,
my undivided Oneness,
the Omniety of Me.

Throughout the month of June, I‘m taking the Know Thyself, Heal Thyself 30 Day Poetry Challenge, with thanks to Diana C. Thanks also to Tree Langdon for inspiring me to take part.

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Jupiter Grant

Writer, Poet, Narrator, Freelancer. Living in UK & my own head. Send queries here: Buy me a coffee here:

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