Sweat beaded on her tender flesh, made raw and pink under his harsh ministrations.

It dripped down her shoulders, snaking damp lines down her back, and pooled in the crevice between the flushed, stinging cheeks of her bottom, imprinted as they were with red welts from the hard black crop he’d wielded with such brutish skill.

The clamps that gripped her erect nipples bit sharply as she bent forward slightly in a pose of supplication. She wanted to be filled.

“Do it now,” she pleaded. “Penetrate me.”

He said nothing, but took hold of her hips and guided her forward towards the bed. Bending her further, he lowered her until she was face-down, took firm hold of her arms and streched them up and over her head until she was splayed in front of him like a sacrifice. Face-down, arse-up. Was there any sight more primal? He gave her beautiful bottom another sharp slap, and she gasped.

She heard the click of buttons behind her and the thrum of the vibrator as he searched for just the right pattern and tempo. When he pressed the buzzing head against her damp and pulsing labia, her knees buckled slightly and she feared they might give out completely.

He steadied her with his free hand. Slowly, expertly, and with a well-practiced stroke, he slid the length of the toy inside her, circling it in a corkscrew motion as he worked it deeper inside her quivering walls, before pulling it back out so that just the tip was nestled between the wet and hungry nether lips.

Again and again he repeated the delicious motion, and again and again she panted, gasped and moaned. Her hips bucked wildly as the vibrator thrilled her deepest spaces, but she was desperate for something more. She brought her right arm back down and slid it down between her legs.

At this cue, he slid the vibrator out of her, switched it off and threw it on the mattress. Bending his knees slightly, he gave his twitching shaft a couple of deft strokes before sliding himself into her warm and slippery folds. Once he was fully seated inside her, he gripped her hips with both hands and started to fuck her in a steady rhythm while she rubbed urgently at her aching clit. When she started to whine and howl, he increased his tempo and felt the contractions of her orgasm gripping at his cock.

Behind her eyelids, which were squeezed tightly shut in blissful reverie, she saw little sparks exploding. Blood rumbled in her ears and her heart hammered in her chest as she came with a strangled cry.

He thrust hard and fast as she climaxed, wave after wave of thick pleasure washing over her. The orgasm seemed to last for several minutes, and amid the fog of her ecstasy she felt his body tighten and heard his panting breath catch in his throat. With a final deep grunt, he withdrew from her pulsing quim and spilled all over her lower back and bottom.

Her legs gave way now, and with wobbly limbs the two of them crawled forward and onto the mattress. Her face flushed and glowing, she smiled at him warmly. Brushing a strand of sweat-soaked hair from her eyes, he murmured, “Happy Anniversary, darling.”

Image ©JupiterGrant 2019

Written by

Erotica writer, Audiobook Narrator / Producer, Freelancer, Blogger. Physically residing in London, UK, but spending most of my time living inside my own head.

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