Good Things Come in Threes ;)

My top three best performing stories on Medium at the close of 2020

Photo by Devyn Holman on Unsplash

1. The Painter:

(Published at

“… the whole “exotic Parisian artist” thing was a huge turn-on, too, and appealed to the hipster poser in me. By the time he padded up quietly to stand close behind me, as I stood in front of one of his pieces, and softly but seductively slipped my light summer cardigan off my shoulders before lowering his head to press warm kisses onto my shoulders, up my neck and along my hairline, I was practically melting into a puddle on the studio floor….”

2. Late Afternoon Masturbation Fantasy:

(Published at

“… Within seconds, I’m completely naked and lowering myself onto the mattress, parting my thighs and bringing my left hand up to pinch and pull at my nipple. The glass shaft of the dildo feels cool in my hand, and as I slide the smooth, bulbous head over my pussy lips and let it tease my hungry slit, I moan out loud at the feeling of the cold glass against my hot flesh….

3. The Sweetest Taboo:

(Published at Dirty Little Secrets)

“… I felt his fingers carefully ease out of my asshole, and heard him opening and rolling on the condom, the click of the lube lid and the wet sounds of him coating his prick. He gently pulled my cheeks apart, pressed the head of his cock against my hungry, desperate flesh, and said simply, “Breathe.”….

With many thanks to Rose MyErotica and Meghan Gause (Dirty Little Secrets), and everyone who read, clapped, commented and enjoyed any or all of these stories .

Happy New Year, everyone. x

Jupiter Grant is a self published author, blogger, narrator and audiobook producer.

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