New Year, Short Reads

In celebration of the New Year , here’s a few erotic short-reads you may have missed….

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I joined Medium at the beginning of November 2020, and I have been absolutely hooked! I love spending time each day reading through the latest offerings and catching up on some older stories I missed out on at the time of their publication.

With that in mind, and as I take a break from writing for the rest of the year (lol;) ), I thought that I would share a couple of short read erotic stories that I published when I first joined Medium, and that are now languishing at the bottom of my profile. I hope that you enjoy them, and I look forward to sharing more sizzling, sexy stories with you in 2021.

Thank you to everyone who has graciously spent some of their time reading my work, clapping, commenting, and making my first nearly-two months on Medium such a joy! I hope that 2021 brings you all good luck, good health and much happiness.

Best wishes,

Jupiter xxx

One Prick:

He slid my panties down my legs, watching me with intense and lascivious eyes. Bringing the underwear up to his nose, he inhaled deeply, and the thought of him smelling my most intimate aromas made me flush scarlet and crimson…

Good Fortune:

… I wasn’t sure where he was going with this conversation, but the way his tongue and fingers were dancing over my quivering cunt, he could be reciting the dictionary right now and I’d beg him to keep going…


As you slide another finger inside, and scissor against my inner walls, I grab the back of your head and push my mound harder against your mouth.

Lick me. Yes, lick me….

And finally, I look forward to sharing Part-Two of “Not-So Snow White” in the New Year. Not caught up on the story so far? Read Part-One at Sensual: An Erotic Life.

Pinned as she was between the massive tree and the broad-shouldered Woodsman, Snow White felt utterly subservient, spellbound and powerless against the rising tide of passion that had so obviously possessed her captor. Her rosy nipples hardened and grew tight as the undeniable concupiscence of her predicament swelled, causing a yearning ache in her lower belly….

Jupiter Grant is a self-published author, blogger, narrator and audiobook producer.

Enquiries and comments are always welcome. You can also find me on Twitter @GrantJupiter

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Erotica writer, Audiobook Narrator / Producer, Freelancer, Blogger. Physically residing in London, UK, but spending most of my time living inside my own head.

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