Who do I think I am?

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Erotic Fiction


He may appear quite self-assured, but he’s actually quite shy…

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Whether a talking mongoose, a poltergeist, or an elaborate hoax, Gef, the mysterious “Dalby Spook” is one of the most fascinating characters in UK folklore.

A sketch of Gef, the Talking Mongoose, drawn by George Scott in 1936. (Public Domain)


A bedtime poem

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Rewriting the day, trying to make it better

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The path to liberation is not an easy one…

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If you had the chance, what would you say to your loved one before they departed the earthly realm forever?

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Let’s not get complacent just because the sun is shining…

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Such sweet bliss…

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Jupiter Grant

Writer, Poet, Audiobook Narrator, Freelancer, Blogger. Living in UK & spending most of my time in my head. Buy me a coffee here:

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