Who do I think I am?

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Hi! I’m Jupiter Grant (she/her).

As you may have guessed, Jupiter Grant is my nom de plume; writing anonymously enables me to be more honest and less inhibited in my work. I’m a purveyor of erotica, fiction, poetry, pop culture, and whatever else takes my fancy on any given day. I also narrate and produce Audible Audiobooks via ACX, and have numerous productions (of my own books as well as those by other authors) on sale at Amazon.

I have always been a writer, and was creating stories and articles from an early age. At the age of 12, I…

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Fiction (General)


A rhyming poem inspired by six words

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Does the orb of light in the visual field
indicate to us a ghostly yield?
Spirit photography was not our aim,
but it seems we caught one all the same!
Or else an e-state complication
has caused an eerie miscommunication
to throw our image into realms of witchery
and to feed the momentum of the mystery.

With thanks to Michael Burg, MD (AKA Medium Michael Burg) for issuing the challenge to write a rhyming poem using six words: field, photography, e*state (*electronic), throw, momentum, mystery (in no particular order);

Inviting Skye Mo'ipulelehua Kahoali'i Ann Marie Steele Kyomi O'Connor TC Hails


A double-etheree poem in (belated) celebration of International Chocolate Day

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dark, or white
it all tastes good,
though milk is my fave,
sweet, creamy, heavenly,
a sugared kiss on the lips
as mocha melts on the tongue’s tip
bringing a rush of joy to my soul
and a surge of endorphins to my brain.

Feel-good chemicals in chocolatey form,
sweetness chases away the panic
that starts with tingles in my skull
and escalates to tremors
until that cocoa kiss
comes to rescue me,
a confection
to soothe

Thank you to Jeff Ehren for inviting me to New Day Poetry, and for tagging me to participate in…


Somebody’s jealous….

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The fat cat sat upon the mat and waited there to greet
the visitors who’d come for lunch with a snooty look and meow.
If anybody got too close, the cat would swipe their feet
with claws unsheathed, for he was in a grouchy mood just now.

His pow’rs of observation had picked up on what was cooking
and he could smell the turkey roasting and the gravy bubbling.
He’d wandered to the kitchen when he thought no one was looking,
but mother, peeling veggies at the basin, sent him scuttling.

And so since then the cat had sat shooting…


Empowering Questions Writing Prompt #3: What is your worst flaw and why are you keeping it?

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Imperfections are the norm and each one of us has them.
There is no use berating, hating ourselves for who we are.
I know that in my heart of hearts, yet still sometimes I struggle
to love myself in spite of all of my flaws and all my scars.

And so I make a conscious choice to look at my reflection
and contemplate the ways in which my body is the roadmap
of all the journeys I have made, the paths that I have travelled,
the positives, the negatives; the bitchin’ and the crap.

All of my flaws and imperfections…


A photo in a locket was her sole link to a world that was gone forever

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It had taken many years, but Alison Pickering had finally grown used to the shrill clamor of sirens waking her up every morning.

When first introduced five years earlier, the Airborne Pathogen Alert System (APAS) would sound only occasionally, leading many to doubt how worthwhile the technology would prove to be. Indeed at the time of its introduction, APAS had attracted much skepticism and ire, and many had considered the multi-billion dollar warning system a hideously over-priced white elephant at best. …


A writing prompt response in praise of those extra-special sexy times

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Back in the dim and distant past, I lost my virginity on a Valentine’s weekend away with my then-boyfriend. Although the weekend was always intended to involve sex right from the get-go, and though my cynical heart doesn’t really count Valentine’s Day as a ‘proper’ holiday, I suppose this would have been my first experience of a celebratory event turned sexual.

Since then, I have often thought of special dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmases as ideal occasions for some sexy fun. …


A poetry prompt response

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C’mon girl, get your ass in gear
quit holding yourself back.
Don’t get so overwhelmed by fear,
by the courage that you lack.

That’s what I tell myself each day,
but something intervenes
to make me hold myself at bay
unwilling to be seen.

What if they think I’m foolish
for reaching up too far?
What if they think I’m clueless,
with my head up in the stars?

What if they think I’m haughty
and deluded, undeserving?
If I do something naughty
and am thought to be self-serving?

So many chances I could take,
if only I weren’t timid
and fearful of…

Jupiter Grant

Writer, Poet, Narrator, Freelancer. Living in UK & my own head. Send queries here: Buy me a coffee here:

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