Who do I think I am?

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Hi! I’m Jupiter Grant (she/her).

As you may have guessed, Jupiter Grant is my nom de plume; writing anonymously enables me to be more honest and less inhibited in my work. I’m a purveyor of erotica, fiction, poetry, pop culture, and whatever else takes my fancy on any given day. I also narrate and produce Audible Audiobooks via ACX, and have numerous productions (of my own books as well as those by other authors) on sale at Amazon.

I have always been a writer, and was creating stories and articles from an early age. At the age of 12, I…

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Fiction (General)


Reflecting on the current moment through an early-morning etheree poem series…

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in quicksand,
gasping for air —
quite literally!
The quagmire of travail
drags me down and smothers me.
Working hard but to no avail,
I feel as though I am drowning deep,
Trapped in a bog from which there’s no release.

And yet there are actually good things, too —
If only I had time to savour!
I have at last had the all-clear,
my biopsy cancer-free 😀
Yet back in hospital
just a week ago,
body in stress
much distressed.

each day
and shuffle
down corridor
to more of the same:
another day sat there
rarely changing positions.
I must look…


A quick limerick and a longer spiel by way of explanation

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A writer/ narrator called Grant
would love to be writing, but can’t.
She is plying her trade
getting audios made,
thus her time on this platform’s been scant!

(She’s looking forward to coming back, though!)

Hello, everyone. I just wanted to explain my recent absence from Medium, and to thank those who have been tagging me in to prompts and responses, and contacting me to check I’m okay.

Firstly, an unfortunate turn of events left me short of funds at the end of last month, and I was working hell for leather trying to earn the shortfall on the rent…


An unstoppable natural force

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Tears of salty shame,

the signs of pain emerging

from leaking tear ducts.

Little floodgates opening

as the levee starts breaking

With thanks to Sahil Patel for creating this poetry prompt challenge:

Day 19’s prompt is to “write a poem about an incident that forced you to cry no matter whether you wanted to or not.”

No-pressure, obligation-free tags for Dr. Preeti Singh Dr. Fatima Imam Josh Balerite Acol Bhavna Narula Kyomi O’Connor TC Hails Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她) Anthony O’Dugan Jack Lincoln Denise G Tree Langdon Jeff Ehren Jennifer McDougall Skye Mo’ipulelehua Kahoali’i Will Hull Colleen Millsteed Sherry McGuinn


Your labels will not stick to me

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Your definitions,
the labels you put on me,
are your truths not mine
for I’m my own to define,
and I don’t need your labels.

Who I am is me.
Give me the freedom to exist,
not words to oppress,
and simply let me be me,
undefined and amorphous.

With thanks to Sahil Patel for creating this poetry prompt challenge:

Day 18’s prompt is to “write a poem about a label that has been put on you and want to get rid of it.”

No-pressure, obligation-free tags for Dr. Preeti Singh Dr. Fatima Imam Josh Balerite Acol Bhavna Narula Kyomi…


Poetry and a link, perchance to make you think

Photo by author. Taken 2021

A time of challenge
remembrance of dark moments
and what got me through

Lost in tangled wool
no time to think of sadness
try to refocus

Comfort is at hand
at the end of crochet hooks
look what you achieved

I went through some dark times over the past few years. Between cancer, bereavement, and having to leave my job due to a mental health crisis, I found myself completely lost in a miserable and frightening place inside my mind.

I made it through the other side with the help of an amazing doctor, supportive therapist, and through my “mental…


A response to July’s Dare to Imagine! Prompt on Being Known

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Strolling on a beach
without a care in the world
holding hands, relaxed

Being Known’s Monthly Writing Prompt is Dare to Imagine! This July, Galit Birk asks, “what might you imagine for yourself and your life if all the obstacles were handled?”

I have written before about my love of the ocean and the way it makes me feel happy and healthy. For many years, it has been my dream to live by the sea and I hope to fulfill that dream someday soon.

When it comes to expanding that imagined future to its ultimate zenith, I see myself walking…


With his petty and spiteful actions against an award-winning director and an already wounded film industry, John Barrowman has exposed himself all over again

John Barrowman speaking with attendees at the 2019 Phoenix Fan Fusion at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Image by Gage Skidmore and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Ahhh, Twitter. What would we do without it? The shouty, ranty echo-chamber that makes our blood boil in fury, then placates us with poetic platitudes and pictures of playful puppies. I love it!

What’s also great is that Twitter can really weed out the highly unpleasant members of our society and highlight the kinds of behaviour that used to stay hidden behind a veneer of (albeit fake) decency. Anonymity, and the irresistible lure of 15 minutes of internet fame, is a remarkably effective tool when it comes to chipping away at false propriety.

When it comes to the world of…

Jupiter Grant

Writer, Poet, Narrator, Freelancer. Living in UK & my own head. Send queries here: Buy me a coffee here:

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